WebLogger for your Logitech SqueezeBox

by on Jun.21, 2010, under SqueezeBox Plugins

Let everyone know what music you are listening to on your SqueezeBox by displaying it on your personal website! WebLogger is a plugin for your SqueezeBox that puts a “what I am listening to” box on your website.  Whenever you listen to your squeezebox, it will automatically update your website with the currently playing song/album so that people visiting your page(s) can see what you are listening to.

Look on the right-hand side of this page to see what I am currently listening to.

Download, and install WebLogger (below), and let the world know what you are listening to on your SqueezeBox!

Features include:

  • Updating website using HTTP GET/POST, FTP, XML, or a local file.
  • Uploads, and displays album art.
  • Customizeable templates.
  • Configurable through slim server web interface.
  • Automatic/manual updates.
  • Compatible with SqueezeCenter v7.x


  1. Download the plugin (at the bottom of this page).
  2. Unzip to squeezecenter’s “plugins” folder/directory.
  3. Open a browser, and go to slim server’s web interface (normally http://myserver:9000)
  4. Click on “settings”.
  5. Click on “player”.
  6. Select the player you’d like to configure WebLogger for from the select box on the left.
  7. In the select box on the right (where it says “basic settings”), select “WebLogger”.
  8. Configure weblogger, and click “apply” at the bottom of the page.  (make sure to read all text as it will explain each setting in detail)

Download WebLogger v1.11 Here!

Other Links:

Fixed in this version:

  • FIXED incompatibility with SqueezeCenter 7.6x

Reported/known Problems:

  • none

Web pages using WebLogger:

Drop me a line at with any comments, or questions!!!  (or use the comments feature on this page if you prefer)

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WMP Playlist Exporter

by on Jun.20, 2010, under SqueezeBox Plugins

WMP Playlist Exporter is a FREE windows application that exports all of your existing playlists (including auto-playlists) from Windows Media Player’s WPL format to M3U for use with other audio players.

Features include:

  • Export of ALL AUDIO playlists including AUTO-PLAYLISTS to M3U format
  • Unattended export possible by command line (for setting up as a scheduled tasks)
  • Absolutely free!


  1. Install WMP Playlist Exporter.
  2. Run WMP Playlist Exporter
  3. Select a destination folder.
  4. Click “export” and you are done.

Download WMP Playlist Exporter here!!!

Drop me a line at with any comments, or questions!!!

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